Lot # 13: High Grade 1937 Mills Upright Golf Ball Slot Machine

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Offered here is a scarce high grade 1937 Mills upright golf ball slot machine. Golf ball slot machines were produced by two primary companies in the 1930s to very early 1940s - Mills Novelty Co. and Jennings. Though any surviving golf ball slot machine is rare, the tall upright versions were made in much smaller quantities, and a scant few exist today. 

A review of arcade-museum.com's database of 140,000+ cataloged vintage arcade machines does not indicate a single known example of this slot machine in its extensive database of vintage arcade games, though we know at least one other exists in much poorer condition that we sold for almost $9,000 at auction a couple years ago. This scarcity is surely due to the fact that very few full size upright machines were produced in the first place. But also because slot machines like this were essentially declared gambling devices in 1941 - halting production of this machine or any similar machine. At that time, production of new machines would've not only stopped, but existing machines were often required to be destroyed. 

"Golf Ball Vender Bell" by Mills Novelty Co., manufactured in circa 1937. 60" tall x 15" deep x 21" wide. 

Outstanding overall condition and is working beautifully. We can quite reasonably assume that this is the finest remaining example of this great machine. It even has a custom golf themed reel and payout card, which is incredibly scarce for that time period where almost all reels used the standard fruit and bars reels. The reels turn feely in this .25 cent slot machine. Expect shipping rates to be between $250-$450 or more for domestic shipping, and much more for international. The slot machine is currently located in Saratoga Springs, NY where it recently went through a thorough (and very expensive) cleaning, greasing, and fine tuning job by one of the best in the business.